Image result for nick romynLumagate is excited to welcome Azure MVP and Azure specialist Nicholas (Nick) Romyn, to their North American team! As a deep technical specialist, he has helped enterprise customers progress in their cloud journey with confidence, providing design and implementation guidance for great availability, security and efficiency in delivering business-critical services. At Lumagate, Nick will work as a Senior Consultant for North America, reporting to Pete Zerger.

“I’m very excited to be working with Pete and Wes (again).”, Nick says about joining the Lumagate. “I believe Lumagate has a unique, exciting combination of skill sets and reputation across Microsoft cloud offerings to enable a holistic approach for customers. Lumagate’s breadth of Microsoft MVPs is a testament to their vision and understanding of the big picture for customers.”

“He’s excited about driving strategic initiatives to enable and secure our customer’s enterprises to help build a strong Azure practice in North America. And Nick’s skills mesh well with our focus here at Lumagate.”, says Managing Partner, Pete Zerger.  At Lumagate, part of the recipe to success is to share knowledge and help your team grow, and Nick will help continue to grow the knowledge and experience within Lumagate.

When asked about the opportunities the cloud offers, Nick says “I think there’s tremendous opportunity to increase our customers agility through transition to the cloud, and Lumagate’s focus on providing a holistic information security solution is critical. Business economics are driving customers to the cloud; availability and security must be implemented in a holistic approach to enable this agility”. Leveraging the cloud itself for security and agility, from Microsoft as one of the largest cloud providers in the world, gives every company an economic opportunity to compete in their markets, Nick concludes.

We’re happy to have you on board Nick. Welcome!