Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

A Managed Services offering from Lumagate for Business Continuity.

New to cloud backup and site recovery?

Ironstone provides comprehensive management of your backups, as well as the testing of these backups, as a fixed fee service offering that allows you to get the most out of your Azure investment with round the clock response and optimization of your business continuity solution.

Want to improve your backup and BCDR strategy?

Managed by the Cloud experts at Ironstone, will give you peace of mind that your business’ critical application data is safe in the face of the unexpected. Our reliable recovery plan includes daily checks of backup health, and monthly checks of backup integrity at the file, database, server and application level.


Many customers do not have the in-house expertise to maximize the value of their Microsoft investment. Lumagate combines best practices gleaned from engagements with our customers around the globe, and intellectual property and tooling developed in-house to enable our customers to implement reliable data protection and business continuity strategies.


The Ironstone strategy ensures end-to-end recoverability from the service level down to the file level, with scheduled recovery tests throughout your environment, ensuring your data backup strategy is focused on the big picture, without missing the little details.


At the end of the day, it is not the backup that counts, it is your ability to restore business-critical data and systems to normal operation with minimal data loss. Service deliverables include both maintenance of current backup processes and validation of recoverability.

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