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Office 365 Accelerate

Move to Office 365 with efficiency and style with our packaged migration program:

  • Migration planning for environments from 100 to 100,000
  • Security, Identity & Migration strategy and best practices
  • Hands-free Office 365 license assignment
  • Automated PST identification, repair and migration
  • Communication strategy and e-mail templates
  • Training plans and materials
  • Office 365 Operations Guide

Put our experience to work for your seamless move to the cloud!

Cloud Migration Assessment

The Cloud Migration Assessment Solution delivers Azure-based cloud migration assessment-as-a-Service. Designed to deliver Intelligent migration guidance, easy to manage and use, saving hours of effort on every server you want to take to the cloud.

Today, the solution delivers migration guidance for your SQL Server workloads (SQL 2005-2016), with solutions for IIS Web, Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery coming soon.

Azure Resource Scheduler

As our customers migrate workloads to Azure, we are frequently asked about the ability to schedule shutdown of resources overnight or on weekends to save costs. While there are some automation scripts available on the internet to handle this scenario, they tend to require a specialized skillset to implement, are not always easy to use or maintain, and tend to break when PowerShell modules are updated.

Lumagate developed Azure Resource Scheduler, a solution to schedule uptime and downtime for large numbers of resources. Built using server-less Azure capabilities, it runs entirely in your own Azure tenant at very little cost, using service accounts under your control. You can even use Azure AD Conditional Access rules to protect access to your Resource Scheduler!

One Identity

Implementing an enterprise identity and access management (IAM) strategy is a big undertaking, often fraught with great expense, effort and uncertainty. Requiring powerful tools, like Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), these projects require expertise across multiple platforms that host or leverage identity like directory services, HR, and ERP solutions, to name a few.

Lumagate One Identity brings consistency, agility and certainty through highly automated, fixed price implementation of MIM. Through Lumagate Managed Mobility, organizations can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Identity Manager without the burden of maintaining identity management expertise in-house.


The first language-intelligent bot for IT Operations, built on the Microsoft Bot Framework, designed exclusively for everyone. An AI-powered virtual assistant, Simon enables IT staff in a variety of roles and skill levels to be dramatically more effective and productive in managing your investments in Microsoft Office 365, Intune and Azure.

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